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Ahma is a Helsinki, Finland based quintet playing simple and loud rock music. For several not-to-be-spoken reasons they have been maintaining a moderately low profile since being hatched in 1995. The current incarnation of the band is either its third, fourth, or fifth, depending on who you ask. Truth is, they couldn't care less.

The sound of Ahma is thoroughly enhanced for hearing impaired, and can be best described as LOUD.


Crooked Issue (Firebox Records 2011) is the dirty and distorted sequel to the acclaimed Slothful & Vile EP (Rusto-Osiris 2007) - a full volume of dark matter (lat. atrum res) constructed by the misuse of dilapidated chaos magic and most inexact scientific methods. Thematically the release sails in the wake of paranoia, dualistic materialism and intense moustache growing, drawing a great deal of inspiration from the everyday observation on how the celebration of ignorance and disparaging of intelligence and scholarly knowledge is the real black plague of the 21st century. And how more distortion is always better.

Janne Lönnqvist - vocals
Tuomas Vuento - guitar, vocals
Aki Heikinheimo - guitar, vocals
Pasi Nousiainen - bass
Santeri Pienimäki - drums

» 2011 Ahma Presskit [10MB ZIP]

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